Simplest route for reaching God!

Question : Is even imagining about God called as Bhakthi?

H.H. Sri Sri. Muralidhara Swamiji says:

Yes. This is ‘BhavaBhakthi’. Usually when a hardworking businessman is asked to imagine himself as a successful man in his work with profits and riches, he will happily imagine himself into that state; and then continue to delve in such a state of mind. But just imagining is not enough – efforts need to be taken – with resolute and endurance during any difficulties. Only then can he become rich and successful (in his terms). However imagination is so easy, a part of our ingrained nature, and most of all suitable for all to follow.

 Sadhanas (Spiritual practices) such as Yoga, Vedanta, Dhyana and Karma are like hard work. But Bhakthi is an easy practice of imagining God in whatever way we want, like to and whenever we can. So this is the most natural, enjoyable and easily possible than anything else for everyone to practice.

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