Prayers fulfilled – Children ace in their PSLE exams.

Siblings Sudiksha Krishna Kumar and Sathwiik Krishna Kumar regularly visit Namadwaar (Sg) during all Saturdays for Mass Prayers and Mahamantra chanting sessions. They believe in the power of prayers, hard & sincere work and are wonderful children by nature. Kudos to the family who worked and prayed sincerely for Sudiksha’s PSLE exam. Please find updates from Mrs. Parineetha Krishna Kumar ji.

” An eventful day celebration yesterday at the divine feet of Madhurisaki & Premikavaradhan and Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji at Namadwaar Singapore for blessing both the kids with good results in their year end exams. After a year long hardwork in this new syllabus with challenging questions, and sincere prayers to The Lord and Sathguru Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji,  both the children have come out in flying colors. I pray to God to help them sustain this and surrender at His divine feet.”

Namadwaar Singapore team wishes the children the very best and submit our prayers at His Holy feet for their well being!

<A House Satsang was hosted by Parineetaji and family before the onset of exam period, read post here>

Update as on December 19, 2014 – Another Mass Prayer request at Singapore Namadwaar fulfilled!

The child (and her parents) who has performed excellently in 2014 PSLE exams, attributes her main  success reason in PSLE exams to mind power and focus gained by regular chanting of ‘Hare Rama’ Mahamantra, together with hard work , determination and Mahamantra mass prayer request seeking blessings from the Divine. As a recent update, the child has obtained admissions to the school that she had aimed and applied for! The parent has written the following to us:

“During chanting i got the message from MOE that Sudhiksha got admission to the school that she had wanted and applied for. Thank you to Madhurisakhi, Premikavaradhan, Guruji and you. With all your blessings we have come till here …” 

Success in PSLE examsMind power and focus for PSLE exams

Preparing and achieving in PSLE exams
Celebrating success in PSLE exams

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