Effective & important habits of Prayers – Listening well!

Merits of Listening well!

His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji says, “ Over the past multitudes of our births, our minds have been turned towards and trained over external affairs alone without focusing inwards into each of our minds and souls where divinity resides. Most of us who commit any sort of mistakes know very well what we are doing. Still we are not able to avoid committing them, just due to the reason that we are habituated thus. On just hearing travel anecdotes from a friend who has visited a new place, don’t we also feel like travelling there? Similarly it is true that we are influenced by what we hear and read about. Even more influential than reading and seeing, is the effect of listening about something more influential on our minds. So we should invest in listening more about Godly things and Mahatmas. Such listening is called Sravanam (Sanskrit).

 It is not sufficient that we just listen to stories and aspects of divinity just once or twice. Then our minds will just hold onto the goodness for just a while and then run outwards again towards the world. Continuous Sravanam – Exercise of listening of divine aspects and stories – is essential to train our minds to linger more and more and permanently with divinity.

 Sravanam is one of the nine forms of Bhakthi – developing loving faith, towards the Lord. We find in our Puranas (ancient holy texts) that Kind Parikshit attained Moksha just by performing Sravanam. It is wrong to hear from those who keep speaking unnecessary things. It is also wrong not to hear from those who are talking the right things. God has bestowed humans with a unique mode of communication – speech! Why? It is for us to use our this speech faculties to keep talking and celebrating the Lord, and thus attain Him. For this we shall all receive the blessings of Goddess Sri Saraswati.”

Hear is a sloka (and its meaning) from Srimad Bhagavatham which expounds that The Lord is seated in the hearts of those aspirants who greatly desire and aspire to hear about Him.

 Hear this song that expounds the loftiest concepts of Sravanam (in Tamil):

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Kadai keLu kadai keLu

SadA hari kadayai nee keLu

bhakti viraktiyuDan kadai solbavariDam

shraddhA bhaktiyuDan kadai keLu


dharmAvathAramAna rAmanin kadaiyayum

leelAvathAramAna krishNanin kadaiyayum

hariyin avatAra kadaigaLayum - hari

dAsargaLin kadaigaLayum keLu


kadaiyil kettadai karutthinil konDu

manadil ninaithu keerthanam pAdu

gnAna bhakthi virakthi vaLarndu

thureeya nilayai durithathil aDaiya


aTTAnga yogatthin uththama palanaiyum

thaTTAmal neeyum aDaindiDave

kashTam vilagi ishTam kaikooDa

kAlathai nashTamAkkAmal kadai keLu


kavalaiyai pOkki amaidhi nalgiDum

avala nilai pOkki Anandam aLithiDum

thuvaLum manadai thulliDa seidhiDum

pavaLa vAyan ivan kadai keLu

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