What can we do better for our children?

Better children for better society - What can we do?

Sri Sri Swamiji explains that when we have a hungry child, we not only feed the child a meal but endeavor to think how to keep him free of hunger in future. Similarly when we see difficulties in human race, we should contemplate on ways of getting rid of the root cause of the problem apart from a quick resolution. This is similar to getting treated for a disease caused by microbes in our body – treatment includes controlling of symptoms and getting rid of the original cause in our body. In todays modern world we see state of art schools, hospitals and even orphanage homes. But we also witness an increase in rate of crime such as murder, theft and corruption everywhere and in most of fields.Moreover the cosmos chooses to punish by way of natural disasters and droughts.

One reason for this imbalance is that the focus of education for children has shifted from imparting mainstream life lessons such as honesty, ‘Dharma’ (translate in meaning as code of conduct), kindness, compassion and patriotism to just imparting technical lessons. Scientific and technological developments are not just reasons for jubilation for us. Similar to a mother who carries a child in her womb for more than 10 months has a cause for concern, our technological advancements do not provide for a corresponding increase in quality of life. Otherwise there will not be increase in widespread use of arms and weaponry against common men.

We see most parents nowadays proudly proclaiming “ Our children do not believe in cultural aspects and scriptures. They question us about them. May be because they are intellectuals with years of advanced education” But when we probe further we get to know that the children have studied science or commerce , probably with a few books as basis, learning without imbibing and with lots of tuition to just achieve the marks. Such people are called intellectuals in most of the societies now. Even competitions that are held for public to assess intelligence and proficiency are based on remembrance of names of movie and sports personalities! Our thoughts affect the cosmos and cause balance or otherwise, according to our ancient scriptures. Nobody can escape from the fruits of his deeds and misdeeds. Even Maharishi Veda Vyasa teaches his disciples to earn good karma by doing good deeds at any measure.

So we should always have good thoughts; do good deeds. Talk only what is right and live a rightful life. Even if we don’t help others, we should not disturb and commit troubles to them. If we do something wrong, we should realize and feeling remorseful for it, should resolve not to commit the same again.

We should teach our children that Mahamantra chantings and prayers in the form of slokas, bhajans, hearing stories and glories of God and Satsang, even when done in private, not known to others is definitely recorded by cosmos. Such activities cleanse the cosmos and do good for us as well as to all order and life.

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