Sri Andal’s Bhakti for Lord Sri Krishna!

Thaayaar’ Andal is unique as She is both a part of the Bhakthi group of Gopikas and Alwars who are devout to Lord Krishna as well as a divine consort to Him. It is impossible to think of and celebrate the month of Margazhi without devotion to Andal or without reciting the Bhakthi Pasurams of ‘Tirupaavai’ that She has blessed upon us.

As a human incarnation She has blessed us with numerous Pasurams (written Bhakthi works in Tamil language) as well as showed us the Bhakthi path by being an epitome of Krishna Premai ! As a divine consort of Lord Sri Ranganathar at SriRangam temple, She begets His blessings for us and showers the blessings upon all our jeevan.

His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji explains the benefits of chanting Tiruppavai in the Holy month of Margazhi/ Margashirish :

 “The fruit of a dharma varies according to time (‘Kala’), place (‘desa’) and person (‘vyakti’).

Suppose we read Srimad Bhagavatam (Life and divine play of Lord Sri Krishna). It is good to read it every day. Our Scriptures speak of great benefit arising out of reading Bhagavatam. But when it is read on Krishna Jayanti the effect is far more (‘anantamana phalan’). This is ‘kala visesham’, the speciality of time - That is the birthday of the Lord (‘Avatara kalam’).

Likewise Thiruppavai can be chanted any day but if it is chanted in ‘Margazhi’ (Dec - Jan) the fruit is vast. That is because it is the time of worship. It is the ‘kala’ when Andal sang Thiruppavai.”

Let us know the story of Andal, along with reciting ‘Tiruppavai’ Pasurams everyday during the month of Margazhi. Hearing Her stories of BhakthiBhaavam and Premai towards Lord Sri Krishna, we will also be blessed with more Bhakthi towards the Lord, which in turn gives us Spiritual Awakening and Inner Transformation with His Grace and Blessings.

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