10 Lifestyle Recommendations for peaceful life!

This is a compilation of translated excerpts of Sri Sri Swamijis teachings on how to lead a dutiful, beautiful and purposeful life. By living with His words and guidance, it is possible for us to realise life’s beauty and sanctity even in the wake of many ups and downs of worldly experiences.

  1. Some of us think that we have surrendered to God yet are subjected to daily difficulties of life. We complain that He does not help us in need. But then we don’t realize that we have been living all along within the (non) conscious folds of movies, television shows, parties, dilly-dallying, and others such activities. Do you know whom the God will help? He will stand by and guide with the difficulties of those devotees who live with His thoughts, work about His ways, talk about Him, and dedicate existence to Him. God has never ever, anywhere promised that He will bear the difficulties of those who live in an otherwise fashion. All kinds of prayers are answered. The results are His grace occur in proportion to the amount of dedication we have to Him”

  2. We are ready to invest years and years of life in studying, earning money, rising up the corporate ladders and in improving the material comforts of our lives. But we don’t have the patience to let our spiritual progress take its own time to bloom. We are impatient to bear the ultimate fruits of spiritual lifestyle immediately as soon as we embark thus upon.”

  3. Persistent efforts, patience and trust are mandatorily needed for a spiritual aspirant in his progression”

  4. All difficulties and troubles faced by spiritual aspirants are inherently capable of feeding forward its lessons for his progression. Only when faced with such difficulties, we will turn our minds to the thoughts of God. Unlimited supply of comforts and ease in life will never lead us to continuous spiritual progression.”

  5. Every day, we should question ourselves about the quality and time spent in Nama chanting and meditation. If we had wasted undue amount of time in useless activities, sleeping, and chitchatting, we should be even ashamed of having that food. Especially, those who are sincere spiritual aspirants should never involve in such activities.”

  6. Even in the face of very many stumbling blocks, persistence in attaining our goals is called karma yoga (in sanskrit). In this state, we should not get disheartened by mounting difficulties. We should have courage to face them and should not display cowardice. We should not procrastinate important things for another day too. Our mind should constantly delve in achieving what we have planned. Every thing that we do should be employed positively in what we need to achieve. If an action seems to deter us from our goal, we should leave that action course.”

  7. If we really desire to attain a goal, definitely we will reach there. If we don’t, even after putting in lots of efforts then that desire itself has not been desired enough by us. But is it sufficient that our efforts and determination are set on our goals? Don’t we need the blessings of Guru and God? The more we shed our ego and be calm, composed, and with a loving composure, the faster the grace of a Guru or God will reach us and propel us towards the destination of our goals”

  8. God knows by which way, when, why and how His means have to be executed. We should learn to dedicate all efforts at His feet and learn to live happily”

  9. He who executes a deed with dedication and devotion for his God/Guru as He ordains, need not worry about being unable to do penance or meditation. These are inclusive in the loving deeds he executes for Him.”

  10. If in this world, a man is blessed with a wife and children who are supportive of his Bhakthi and a simple life, then I feel that heaven or ‘Vaikunta’ is not greater than his existence here - This is my opinion”

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