Importance of Tulasi in Sri Krishna worship

This sloka is found in Mahabharata and expounds the importance of Tulasi in the worship of Sri Krishna.

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As per this sloka, it is more beneficial to use Tulasi for the worship than using even thousands of lotus flowers at the same time.

Tulasi flowers should be used for the pooja worship of Sri Krishna. When Tulasi flowers are not available, then Tulasi leaves should be used. When even such leaves are not available, the small stalks of Tulasi plants should be used. And when Tulasi stalks are not available, the small leaf and stalk tips of Tulasi should be used for Sri Krishna. When nothing of above is available, atleast the soil of Tulasi plants should be used for Sri Krishna worship. Such is the greatness of Tulasi plants.

“My Bhaktas (devotees) should do archana and pooja for me with Tulasi”, says Lord Sri Krishna in Mahabharata.

In another instance, He expounds the greatness of Tulasi as ‘Tulasi sapta muchyate’ – that is, even telling ‘Tulasi’ is sufficient above everything else. When using any other flowers for His pooja and archana, He asks that the offering be made by using the words ‘Tulasi Patram Samarpayaami”

His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji says that doing pooja and worshipping Tulasi plant Herself is capable of increasing our Bhakti towards Lord Sri Krishna and even bring Him, The Lord to us!

MadhuraGitam on Lord Krishna and His favourite things by Sri Sri Swamiji!

tulasi pUjayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

gosevayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

sAdhu sevayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

veda gItathil kaNNan magizhginDrAn

bhAgavathathAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

bhAgIrathiyinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

gopi chandanathinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

eLimaiyAna vAzhkayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

kIrtthanathinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

thIrtha sevayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

annadhAnatthil kaNNan magizhginDrAn

vaNNa malargaLAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

anbu ondrinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

ArjavatthinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

uzhaippu ondrinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

mazhalai keTTu kaNNan magizhginDrAn

svArthaminmayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

ashvatta pUjayAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

karpu ondrinAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

kanintha sorkaLAl kaNNan magizhginDrAn

In Narayaneeyam,  Bhattadri says
Ganga Geetha  cha Gayathri api cha
Thulasika Gopika chandhanam thath 
He pleads to Bhagavan to always keep him associated with Thulasi, being one of the eight sacred things which can easily beget His Blessings and grant mukthi in this kaliyuga (the other seven being Ganga,Geetha,Gayathri,Gopi chandhanam,Salagramam,Ekadasi vratham, Bhagavan Nama).

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We should understand the holy relevance of Tulasi plants and always worship Sri Krishna with Tulasi.