Benefits of Namadwaar Satsang in Singapore

Sri Sri Swamiji says “Godliness is inherent to us. When we constantly put in suitable efforts, Godliness will reach us at a suitable point of time by itself.”

He also explains that it is quite difficult to associate our mind and efforts with God at all times. It is easy to understand that our minds which have been earlier invested in external worldly affairs for eons will find it difficult to take an inward journey towards God.

We are blessed by Lord Sri Krishna to have a Satsang. [Side note:Satsang means a company of like minded people with the same intention as us to be in the folds and thoughts of God] This is very fortunate. “Mercy has got Force” says our Sri Sri Swamiji.

“Once we are in the fold of a Mahatma’s Satsang, their grace and mercy will take us through different tides with ease, more and more in the Bhakthi path, towards a better quality of life and ultimately hand us over at the Lord’s feet”. It is such a Satsang that we should yearn for. Singapore Namadwaar is one such Satsang, that we are part of!