Another sweet Krishna Leela – this time for His Guru Sandeepani!

When Lord Sri Krishna finished His VidyAbhyAsam (education along with learning and honing of skills) in the Gurukul tutelage of His Guru Sandeepani, He asked His Guru “What Dakshina should I offer to you?”. For this, His Guru asked for his son who had drowned in the sea 12 years back to be brought back.

 Sri Krishna went to the King of Oceans (called SamudhraRaja) and ordered him to hand over His Guru’s son to Him, for which SamudhraRaja prostrated humbly to the Lord and explained that the dead boy (12 years back) had been sent to Lord of Death (called YamaRaja).

 Sri Krishna then went to Yama Loka (abode of YamaRaja ) and demanded the dead boy to be returned back. YamaRaja replied that “I brought the boy here since his predestined span of life was over 12 years back”

 Lord Sri Krishna ordered that having the child back to life was His Divine Will and order and had His way. When his child was handed back to him, Guru Sandeepani was overjoyed and narrated the glory of Sri Krishna with great astonishment to his wife.

Guru Sandeepani’s wife was unperturbed though – this was no surprise for her – as she explained. “You are coming to know of Krishna’s Prabhavam (trancendental influence) only now. I’ve known His Prabhavam for long. I used to ask Him to milk the cows – the milk pots will make their way to the cows by themselves and the cows will fill the pots with milk on their own! Not just this – I’ve seen many more of such Sri Krishna’s Leelas. He thinks I have not seen them!!”

Hearing this Guru Sandeepani was moved with awe and love for his disciple, Lord Sri Krishna!

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