Singapore Namadwaar’s Gopakuteeram 2016

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On 20th March, Namadwaar celebrated its Gopakuteeram Annual day at Geylang Sivan temple. Every year, in this annual day program, all the kids are given a chance to showcase their talent in front of public and parents.

From 1.30 pm, Namadwaar volunteers were actively involved in setting up the stage, mikes and the hall. The chief guest for the program was Mr. Rajan Krishnan, Chairman of Hindu Advisory Board.

The program started at 3.15 pm with the Namadwaar welcome speech, followed by Gopakuteeram kids performance. Each centre(5 Centres) had chosen various cultural programs like skits, dance, PowerPoint presentation by bigger kids, show and tell by younger ones etc. There were about 55 kids along with their parents who had assembled for the show. In all these programs, we have parent volunteers across all the Centres who help the Gopakuteeram volunteers(Teachers) in training the kids.

Namadwaar youth team did a bharatanatyam dance and also presented the day's event. Snacks were distributed to the kids and parents.

Mr. Rajan Krishnan praised the performance and requested parents to send their kids to such classes. He then distributed the prizes to all the kids and a certificate to the participants of the Sloka competition held at Namadwaar on 18th March. Certificate for the Warli arts were also given to the kids who participated along with the Namadwaar volunteers for creating the (biggest Warli Art) Singapore book of records earlier in 2015.

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