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[By Smt Lakshmi]

Gopa Kuteeram is a worldwide children’s life enrichment program that is conducted under the guidance of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. The ultimate purpose of learning is not just knowledge gain. The consummation of learning lies in development into a complete individual. This is the very objective of Gopa Kuteeram, which aims at providing holistic growth to children across the world, complementing their regular school curriculum.

In the present times, we are all facing a challenge of passing on important values to our children. His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji says, “righteous virtues and seeds of bhakti and moral values should be sown in the young minds as they tend to grasp them very quickly and retain them forever”. Hence it is our responsibility as parents’ to inculcate these values into our children’s mind at their young age so that it becomes a part of their life.

In Singapore Namadwaar, our initiative aims to supplement parents’ efforts and impart cultural, traditional and moral values to the children. The knowledge and basics behind our values, belief and practices are taught as part of syllabus in these weekly classes, laced with devotion in a fun-filled environment.

Under the in-depth guidance and expert in-puts of our Sri Sri Swamiji, a worldwide curriculum has been introduced. The curriculum comprises of three levels for children aged 6 through 14. Each level consists of three books. Detailed research for this was done by a team of volunteer teachers from across the world, and the final curriculum was put together in India.

It covers scriptures, lives of saints, moral stories, slokas and songs. Uniform syllabus for different age groups is being followed. Every month, a topic for a special activity is given to the kids and they are being asked to draw, paint, share their views –on the spot topics are given. Topic is given to all the centres by the Chennai HQ depending on the festivals, birth date of saints/freedom fighters etc. The best entries will soon be published in the newsletter and will also be rewarded.

Gopakuteeram (GK) classes are conducted every week for an hour. Considering a child join GK class in his/her grade1, he/she will have a complete course of nine books in nine years. There are more than 500 children across the world and 70 kids in Singapore, in our 6 centres –Choa Chu Kang , Jurong East, Tampines(@ 3 different locations) and Tanah Merah.

Every year, GK annual day is celebrated where our kids perform skits, dance etc. Training is given by our own GK teachers and parent volunteers.

We request parents to make use of this rare opportunity and enrol your children in the nearest centre.

Register your interest today to enrol your children.

For further details contact +65 91111685, +65 83325293
Email: namadwaarsingapore@gmail.com

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