Book Excerpts – Kaakidha Malargal – Part 3

What is the specialty of Sama Veda?

Of the four Vedas only Sama Veda is recited in a musical form.

What are the others names of the Vedas?

Sruti, Aamnaayam, Nigamam and Thrayee.

 What does ‘Sruti’ mean?

The term ‘Sruti’ means to hear. The Vedas were not written on palm leaves nor were they inscribed on stones; they were verbally taught to the disciple who in turn passed it on verbally to his disciples. As it has been passed on from one to another verbally it is known as ‘sruti’. The great Tamizh Poetess Avvaiyar has called the Vedas ‘yeludhaa kilavi’ which means ‘that which has not been written down’.

What does ‘Aamnayam’ mean?

Those who possess the power to read the thoughts of others can accurately say what a person thinks in his mind. When two such mind readers meet they exchange their thoughts mentally without speaking to one another. This is known as telepathy. The Guru who possesses greater power will pass on knowledge to his eligible disciple through the mind without teaching orally. This is how the Maharishis taught the Vedas. This method of teaching is called ‘Aamnayam’.

What does the term ‘Nigamam’ mean?

Nigama means to order. The Vedas speak of ways and means to lead a happy life in this world and the next. As the Vedas order man to live in these prescribed ways it is called Nigamam.

Why are the Vedas known as ‘Thrayee’?

The Vedas are in three forms of poetry viz. gadhyam, padhyam, gaanam; The Vedas are made up of the three important Rig-Yajur-Sama Vedas; The Vedas contain the three parts of Karma-Upasana-Jnana. Therefore, they are called ‘Thrayee’.

What does ‘Vedaantam’ mean?

‘Vedam’ means knowledge. ‘Antam’ means the end – conclusion.

The experience that comes about automatically at the culmination of knowledge is Jnana. Mahatma Yogi Ramsuratkumar would say ‘INTELLECT IS GOOD, BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH’. Also, as the Upanishads that expound the philosophy are found at the end of the Vedas, they constitute ‘Vedaantam’ (Veda antam – end of the Vedas). Though the Vedas have prescribed several religious rites and regulations, ways of worships, etc. since they emphasize attainment of Jnana as the highest goal of human birth. Therefore Upanishads, Brahmasutram and Bhagavat Gita that expound Jnana, in detail, are also known as ‘Vedaantam’.

What is the meaning of the term ‘Shastra’?

The Holy Texts that show the way for all to live in good health and peace of mind and help realize God through such lives are known as ‘Shastras’.

What is the meaning of the term ‘Dharma’?

The prescribed way of life that one has to lead in order that there is no change in the functioning and nature of the five basic elements (‘pancha bhootas’), planets, stars and the innate state of all creatures is called Dharma. For example faithfulness is the inborn nature of a dog. It is the innate nature of a peacock to dance on seeing rain bearing clouds. This is a never ending list.

What does the term ‘Itihaasam’ mean?

Itihaasam means ‘it happened this way’.